[TowerTalk] Near Full Sized 40M rotatable Dipole

Jan Erik Holm sm2ekm at telia.com
Fri Aug 4 14:50:06 EDT 2006

I wouldn´t call it a beast. You can look at this picture,
the second one from the top is a 40m dipole, the whole
80ft tower rotates.

A coupple of telescoping fishing rods and some more
fiberglas tubing, some wire straped to it with ty-wraps,
a mounting plate and some common sense, it´s been up
there for years. Oh I forgot, some phillystran for the
top guying.

73 good luck / Jim SM2EKM

Dave Tipton wrote:
> I'd like to build a rotateable dipole for 40M.. Anyone got some great plans for such a beast?  (I don't have the spare windload for a 2 Element beam)
>   Dave
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