[TowerTalk] Temporary 160 meter antenna question

Larry Schimelpfenig k7sv at adelphia.net
Sat Aug 5 07:07:01 EDT 2006

When we first moved to this qth I had a 40M extended double zepp up about 50 
ft. I twisted the feeders together and fed as a T through an L network. 
Lot's of rf in the shack. I ran a quarterwave counterpoise as Jim suggested 
from the ground side of the L network out the shack window and through the 
trees. That took care of the strayRF problems, and actually worked quite 
well. I'm sure you could run the counterpoise on the ground and not 
necessarily in a straight line. Might get by with something less than a 
quarter wave as well. GL, just get on with what you can, and have fun!

73 de Lar K7SV 

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