[TowerTalk] Boston and Maine visit.

Robert Thain g0hgw at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 06:42:24 EDT 2006

Hello Towertalkers,
I just thought I would get in touch as I am planning a visit to Boston and Maine. 
The plan is to spend 2 weeks in September in the Maine area and I will probably be arriving and leaving from Boston. 
We will probably we spending sometime in Saco MN and travelling the rest of the time .....walking and looking for moose and Lynx.....
It would be great if I could visit a Big gun Super station or 2 in the area. Do you know of any that  I can visit ?
Is Cape Cod worth a visit ? I know the name and it is very famous, but I'm not sure what is there. 
Please reply off line
Thanks and Best 73
Robert F5VHN G0HGW (op 3B9C, F6KCP)
f5vhn at yahoo.com

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