[TowerTalk] Near Full Sized 40M rotatable Dipole

Dave Tipton dave at lodave.org
Mon Aug 7 09:51:36 EDT 2006

I actually have NOTHING to speak of in the air.
  I've got the tower on the ground.  (60 feet of Rohn 25 with a Missle top and a Ham IV Rotor)
  I'm thinking about going with either a C3 an A3S or something of that nature for the Tribander.. One thought I had, was to go with the C4, and just have it all on one boom, but that would be the ONLY thing I could put on that tower then.  I'm trying to find a happy medium between performance and wind load.. Plus, I'm trying to get some VHF/UHF stuff up there as well.  I may get stupid, and just add a 3rd set of guys, because one of my solutions was right at 10.3 (It's rated for 10.1) sq. feet and I get everything I want.  (Yes, I know.)  I also know that in my area, I seldom get gusts above 50mph.
  What I'm most likely going to do at this point, is go with this rotatable dipole design I've been looking at, and a C3.  Then 3 Elements on 6M, 9 Elements on 2M and 20 Elements on 70cm.  (All Horizontal), add a 3rd set of guys, instead of the recommended two sets, and hope for the best.

SavageBR at aol.com wrote:
  What else do you have in the air? I very good 40 or 30 m antenna, often 
overlooked, is the Gamma matched boom of a high band beam. I Gamma match the boom 
of my 204BA. The 26 ft boom and outside elements resonate nr 40m and works 
out GREAT at 74 ft up. I have modeled the array to verify a pattern and gain 
performance nr identical that of a dipole.

Bruce, AA4Z 

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