[TowerTalk] 22 ohms to 50 Ohms balun material

Tom Anderson WW5L at gte.net
Mon Aug 7 19:19:19 EDT 2006

Fellow Tower Talk veterans:

A friend of mine in South Africa wants to buy a 2.25" ferrite core to build
a balun to match 22 ohms to 50 ohms which is described in "Building and
Using Baluns and Ununs" by Jerry Sevick.  I don't have a copy of the book and neither does he in South Africa, as he had simnply heard about the balun.  The core material is being used to replace a coax cable/balun that KLM used on its 40m beam.  Only information I have from South Africa.  Anyone who might have a copy of the book can tell me what type of ferrite material is needed to construct thisa type of balun?  I told him I'd find it here and ship it to him in SA.  

Tom, WW5L

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