[TowerTalk] advice on Hamilton Co. Ohio bldg permit application # B06002469P (approved but not issued)

David J Windisch davidjw at cinci.rr.com
Wed Aug 9 05:28:05 EDT 2006

Hi, all concerned:

I wanted to post this on what I remember as the old ham-law reflector, but 
it seems to be gone with the wind . . .

Quick swerve to the chase:

Easing of tower and antenna zoning in Colerain twp, a suburb of Cincinnati, 
OH, is turning out, for me at least, to be only part of a larger challenge.

My 96-ft self-supporting tower building permit is approved by the building 
inspections dep't, but is being held hostage to unrelated issues by the 
county health dep't.

The county health dep't is requiring that, in the case of properties with
septic systems, like mine, the systems be "brought to grade" before *any*
building permit will be issued.

I see this requirement as unreasonable and inequitable, and thus, perhaps
vulnerable to a PRB-1-style challenge, because it applies only to those with 
septic systems who apply for a building permit, and not to all whose 
properties have
"sub-grade" systems.

What it could open up is a "discovery" that my septic system is operating
improperly and thus unlicensable, despite its having been "inspected" and
re-licensed in the spring of this year (after payment of $85).  My
across-the-street neighbor has gone through several hassles like this in his
backyard projects, and his projects are going to cost him at least $13000 
extra for a new waste disposal system, as his was "inspected" and found 
unlicensable after
he applied for construction permits.

Your thoughts, please.

TIA & 73,

Dave Windisch

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