[TowerTalk] Rotor connector waterproofing?

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This brings to mind several questions.

>I had a Ham IV rotor serviced by Norms and had them install a quick
> disconnect connector in place of the terminal strip.

How did they install this.  The rotator depends on this area not being 
sealed so it can breathe.

> The short cable from the rotor to the male connector they installed
> has a black sealant around where the cable exits the connector.
> I have installed the female connector to my rotor cable and want to
> seal the space where the cable exits the connector. What type of
> sealant is best to use here? The connector is an Amps 9-pin of which
> 8 are used. The female end is labelled 206708-1.
> What have you found to be the best way to waterproof the mated
> connectors on the tower?

It depends on whether you want really good, or something that can be easily 
taken apart.

I use the "liquid Electrical tape" liberally.
In this case I'd fill the rear of the connector (the screw off cap) with 
electrical putty, *stuff*, or "coax seal" to elminate all voids. (Enough 
that it squeezes out the back when the cap is screwed on.) Then at least 
three layers of the liquid electrical tape.  Some prefer to wrap the 
connectors with a good conforming tape first.  I don't as I figure I can get 
a better seal with the liquid tape going on first, but with care the tape 
can do a good job as well. The connector has to be really clean for the 
liquid to work well.  In the case of the connector having some oil of 
silicone on it the tape would be a better approach as it doesn't need 100% 
adhesion as long as it gets a couple layers giving 100% coverage.  I'd still 
go over the tape with a couple layers of the liquid tape though extending 
the coverage out beyond the area covered by the tape.

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