[TowerTalk] Rotor connector waterproofing?

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One thing to remember about sealed connectors in a cable.  The cable should 
never be sealed at more than one point.  IE  If there is a sealed connector 
at the top of the tower, don't put one at the bottom and don't put any 
sealed splices in the cable.  If it's sealed in two spots the pressure 
between the inside and outside will vary with temperature and barometric 
pressure.  The cable will breathe in some where, but the moisture will have 
a difficult time getting out.

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>>  I also use Scotch 88, but usually coat it with Scotchcote,  which

The problem I've had with 88 tape is the adhesive turning gooey in the hot 
direct summer sun.  I've never had it come off though.  Several really tight 
layers seem to work well.

> supposedly forms such a vapor and water barrier that you could lay  the
> cable and connector underwater and not have water  penetration.
>    Well, that's what it's designed for and it works  great for buried
> applications. Unfortunately it's very poor in UV (outdoor)  environments 
> and dries
> up and flakes off after a year or two. The same with  Liquid Electrical 
> Tape.

"So far" I've had good luck with liquid electrical tape as the stuff I use 
was designed for the marine environment. OTOH I haven't had any up over 5 

>    Professional installers sometimes use clear  acrylic spray paint as the
> fourth and final layer on an outdoor coax  connector. The first 3 layers 
> are
> tape, vapor wrap and another layer of tape.

I do often use the clear acrylic spray, but it appears to disappear within a 
few years so I didn't mention it in a previous post.

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