[TowerTalk] M2 Antennas

Byron Tatum bjtatum at ev1.net
Fri Aug 11 11:34:24 EDT 2006

Hello All-
    I wanted to let everyone know of the great service and support that M2 Antennas has provided for me. Last fall at my QTH south of Houston, TX  I installed a pair of M2 18-XXX 144 Mhz. yagis. They are on a 2" mast spaced 14' apart atop a 92' tower. A spring thunderstorm blew through and bent the booms on the 2 yagis. The bend on the lower antenna was fairly severe, and both antennas had booms bent on each end. I was a little surprised that this occurred as I felt the weak-link in the system was the 2" alum. mast { 6061-T6 x 1/4" wall} extending 18' above 45-G top section neck. The top antenna is mounted at very top of mast. The mast suffered no damage.
    I sent pictures to M2 and talked to them about it and they proposed to build for me 2 new 18-XXX's using heavier booms  to replace the damaged ones.They sent me the two new antennas at no charge and I feel they are to be commended on standing behind their products.
    Anyway, I wanted to report this to everyone and to praise their service. Thanks, Byron. 

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