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> Hi fellas:
> I have recently acquired a Ham IV Rotor and CDE controller. I am planning 
> on getting some Rohn 25 and mounting the rotor.
>>From what I understand I will need a Thrust Bearing for load and a Rotor 

It depends on what you have for a top section along with the size of the 

If you have a conventional ROHN 25G top section it tapers to a tube about a 
foot to 16 inches long.  Normally this would be plenty for most antennas the 
Ham IV is capable of handeling.

> (not sure about the thrust bearing) But, I can make the Rotor Plate from 
> scrap iron with the help of one of the guys from work (a
> welder) but don't know the dimensions to make it from.

I don't have a template but rotator plates are quite common for the 25G and 
as I recall they aren't very expensive.  To top it off they are well 
galvanized so rusting isn't usually a problem.  I'd try to find a regual 
plate as it will also have the holes already drilled to fit the ham IV 
mounting bolts so the rotator will be centered and there's an opening to 
match the terminal strip on the bottom of the rotator.

The standard rotator plate is a tad less than 1/8" thick.   Probably 3/32", 
is cut to fit the inside shape of the tower, (Triangular shape with squared 
off corners) and has something on the order of 1 1/2 or 2" steel angle 
welded in place that can be U-bolted to the tower legs. That leaves one side 
of the angle flat on the rotator plate and the other sticking up. (Were it 
longer the angle would be laying horizontal)

If need be I can shoot a photo of a rotator plate for a 45G.  The only 
difference is scale, weight, and cost.     <:-))

Good Luck,

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
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> Does anyone have a manual in pdf form they can send me or a Rotor Plate 
> Template or something like that for the Ham IV and the Rohn
> 25 combination?
>  73 fer nw,
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