[TowerTalk] EZNEC model for 40 meter v-yagi (NW3Z/WA3FET)

Mike k4gmh at arrl.net
Sat Aug 12 11:36:17 EDT 2006

Received the following from Nathan, NW3Z:

"Thanks... I forwarded the warning to NOT USE EZNEC for the antenna!

Could you do me a favor and post a reply cautioning people that there 
are a lot of very complex interactions with the antenna that can only 
really be modeled with a full NEC4 model.... and even then there are 
some issues.  Recommend ONLY building to the May 1998 QST article.... 
we know that one works!"

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>Hello all,
>Does anybody have an EZNEC file for the 40 meter beam described in
>May 1998 QST by NW3Z and WA3FET?  This is an interesting design with
>a full size driven element and wire elements for reflector and
>director.  I'm thinking of building one and I'd like to play around
>with the model.  Has anybody built one themselves?
>Thanks and 73,
>     Rob, KA1ARB
>Rob Katz, Director
>Legacy Center, Inc.
>(919) 678-6000 x106
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>rob.katz at TheLegacyCenter.com

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