[TowerTalk] HDBX as a Tilt-Over ???

NORK-Russ Kaelberer n0rk at comcast.net
Sat Aug 12 18:34:02 EDT 2006

I had one in 70's, and it went up very easily, with enough guys to safely
pull it up. Mounted only the rotator/mast before pull-up. Just properly
install the tilt over "U" pieces, have plenty of manpower available, and go
slowly. I personally never heard of any failures--maybe guys tried to mount
everything before walk-up... DON'T do it that way. Also tilted back down for
removal without any problems.

Russ, N0RK

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Has anyone had any experience using a HDBX series tower in a tilt over
Tom, K0PYK

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