[TowerTalk] Basic Tower Question

k8jdc at sbcglobal.net k8jdc at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 12 20:01:30 EDT 2006


    I don't have any experience with towers of any sort.  Recently, I've been doing some research to get familiar with tower installation issues and so on.  I have a pretty basic tower-related question.

     I see small towers for TV antennas around my neighborhood that appear to be constructed with something roughly equivalent to Rohn 20 (or maybe even smaller).  Some of these towers approach 40-50 feet by my rough guess.  For small-frame towers like these, I'm wondering if they actually climbed these things to install the antennas or if they put the antennas and rotators on top and then tilted the thing upright for installation.  I ask this because some of these towers look small enough that I wouldn't want to climb them (although, to be fair, I'm not a brave climbing type anyway and am not sure I will ever be a brave climbing type even with redundant climbing harnesses).  I also ask because many of these towers I see around are not guyed like ham towers would be.  Most of them seem to be bracketed to the house, but that's all and that seems to make for an exciting climb on a small-frame tower, many of which are now in somewhat of a rusty state.

      Just curious...

Dave / K8JDC



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