[TowerTalk] Rotor interface help

Peter Dougherty w2irt at comcast.net
Sun Aug 13 00:09:50 EDT 2006

Hi guys,

This may be slightly off-topic, but I need some major assistance from 
anybody who knows how to deal with COM ports under Win2K at an 
advanced level. I'm trying to interface an IDIOM PRESS rotor card 
into my station, but it's just not working no matter what I do. I 
have well over 100 hours of labour into this problem and have 
exhausted every bit of hardware knowledge I possess.

In a nutshell, I don't seem to have any serial communication coming 
in or going out of this PC (the shack machine).

When I plug the rotor control into a PCMCIA serial adapter on my IBM 
laptop (also running Win2K) I have complete success using LP-ROTOR 
and via a terminal emulation program, but NOT using DX Base -- even 
with all the commands set according to the directions.

On the shack machine, I have two native COM ports, both supposedly 
functioning correctly. I also added a Belkin USB to SERIAL adapter 
which windows also claims is working properly, but in using 
Hyperterminal or Tera-Term (terminal programs) I can't get any 
response whatsoever, no matter how it's configured. LP-Rotor does NOT 
work, nor does DX Base. I've adjusted the serial port communication 
properties in Device manager and set speed values all the way from 
9600 N81 all the way to 115200 N81, with no success. The device 
itself wants to communicate with the port at 4800 N81 no flow control 
and I've set that in every case in the terminal emulation program, 
again, with absolutely zero success.

I have no other serial devices in the shack, and the rig control is 
by way of USB with West Mountain's RIG-Talk (ICOM-7000). The second 
radio is a Mark V, which is currently out for repair, but it uses the 
USB MicroKeyer ROUTER software and works flawlessly when it's inline.

I have no overlapping COM port numbers, Windows Device Mangler 
--er--manager reports all ports are working and no Hex addresses are 
duplicated. Is there any possible way I can test serial 
communications on my COM ports? I absolutely refuse to believe that 
NO com port is working at all, yet that's seemingly the case.
Thanks in advance.

Please reply directly by e-mail if possible (I will be out of the 
country on business until Tuesday and my access to e-mail until that 
time is unknown).



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