[TowerTalk] UST base grouting

Joe - WDØM WD0M at centurytel.net
Sun Aug 13 13:27:30 EDT 2006

Although my UST TX-455 is not grouted, it makes 
sense to me that it should be done simply to have 
moisture run off the top and keep the bolts a bit 
more rust free.  Here in the desert southwest 
that issue is perhaps not quite as significant as elsewhere.

I doubt much additional structural support would 
derive from grouting, given the 24,000 pounds of 
concrete in the base and a few pounds more of grout on top.

Thanks for reminding me, Julio - I need to get that done.


At 10:59 AM 8/13/2006, Julio Peralta wrote:
>A friend and I were discussing his installation of a UST TX-455. I
>mentioned that it's a good idea to use a non-shrinking grout under the
>base. To which he replied that UST said that grouting isn't needed if
>the leveling bolts are used. I checked their website and the TX-455
>foundations diagram does state this.
>I was thinking that if the leveling bolts are used that is when grouting
>was needed. If for nothing else to keep water from standing around the
>bolts. Doesn't the grout provide some load support for the base? And if
>you don't use leveling bolts and the base is setting directly on the
>slab how could you use the grout.
>All comments welcome.
>Julio, W4HY

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