[TowerTalk] Damaged Tower

JMLTINC at aol.com JMLTINC at aol.com
Sun Aug 13 16:06:26 EDT 2006

Hey all,

I have 55' of Rohn 25 with a single set of guys at the top. It is 
house-bracketed at about 15', just below the top of the first full section. It has a 
pretty good load on it. Today, a tree came down on one of the guys. The tower was 
listing and I thought it was bent. One of the legs (the one opposite the 
impacted guy) at the joint just above the bracket was pulled upward, elongating the 
bolt holes (and making pretzels of the bolts). A come-along put the section 
back into position.

None of the sections appear to be bent, but I expect at least, the bolt holes 
are elongated, as the sections above the joint on which I I replaced the 
bolts still list. A bit of tension on the guys straightened the tower again. Can I 
drill the elongated holes oversized?

John, N9RF

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