[TowerTalk] Grouting

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 14 16:24:15 EDT 2006

>FastSetT Non Shrink Grout by Quikrete at Home Depot.

When I put my tower up 25 years ago, I could'nt find any "non-shrinking 
grout" locally.  The store sales clerks didn't even know what I was talking 
about.  I needed only a small amount for the job, so I took some standard 
Quickrete concrete mix from a partially used bag I had on hand, and used a 
sledge hammer to break up the gravel into small enough pieces to fit easily 
under the tower base plate and allow the mix to thoroughly surround the 
levelling bolts.  I re-mixed the pulverised concrete mix and shoved it in 
place with a wooden stick and trowel, which worked perfectly, and after all 
this time I see no evidence of shrinkage or deterioration from water getting 
under the base plate.  There was only about a 5/8" gap under my base plate 
and the base plate itself is about 5 inches square - part of the base 
insulator assembly salvaged from an old broadcast tower, that I used with my 
Rohn 25, so I doubt there would be visible shrinkage in any case.  The grout 
should do two things: keep water from standing around the bolts, and 
eliminate the possibility of the bolts loosening and backing away from the 
initial adjustment.  I don't think the grout is expected to bear any of the 
load on the base plate.

Don k4kyv

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