[TowerTalk] Towers/Antennas Near 138kV Transmission Lines

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>I think it was Wayne Overbeck, N6NB.   
> http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/woverbeck/rfsafety.htm
> Jeff, W7JW
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> Larry,
> "You need to research RF exposure and cancer.  I've got a brain cramp
> on the physician-ham's name, but I specifically recall a presentation 
> at Dayton on the available data concerning physiological susceptability
> of humans to electromagnetic fields.   Both fundamental and modulation
> frequencies were addressed....and there appears to remain substantial
> questions around 50-60Hz."  
> Best,
> n2ea
> jimjarvis at ieee.org

Wayne is an attorney/law professor. I think the guy you may be 
thinking of is Greg Lapin N9GL:



Although it appears that he is not a M.D. either, but rather a 
biomedical engineer. 

FWIW, I don't think that there have been any studies that show 
conclusively that there is a correlation between adverse health 
effects and living close to power lines. Questions may remain 
since it's much harder to prove a negative (e.g. prove exposure 
to powerline fields does not cause any health problems). Same 
with RF exposure - questions remain, but AFAIK the smoking 
gun has yet to be demonstrated. At a minimum these things have 
to be way down the ladder from diet and exercise habits (e.g. if 
you show up at the public hearing for a tower permit worried 
about RF exposure and you have a cigarette dangling out of 
your mouth, then you probably need to re-evaluate your health
risk priorities).

73, Mike W4EF.....................

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