[TowerTalk] Post install water on tower base

KA9OFM John Garrett ka9ofm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 22:42:44 EDT 2006


I have used a couple of materials on cracked bases, but never had the
problem of not finishing the job so to speak. (Not an Insult)

One material I used was called vinyl cement, another was called plastic
coat. BUT these days I use a product made by Evercoat called Tiger Hair. It
is a fiberglass that has fiberglass hairs in it and is used as a filler for
waterproofing. Depending on the area you need to cover as it can be costly
at around $35 a gallon but you get a lot of coverage out of a gallon, and
depending on how thick you need to pour it - this stuff is great. I mix in a
color (Your Choice) to help avert any UV damage even though it is said that
it is not needed, but then again most people paint over this stuff as they
use it for filler in auto repair.

When I make such repairs I usually cap over the entire slab and its sides
down a few inches so it has a good cover. After you mix the hardener in with
this stuff you have around 30 minutes of time to get it in position as you
want it. In the beginning it will seem runny but as it nears its ending time
it will start firming up. You'll feel it as it is happening. Try not to do
this in direct sunlight as it will speed the hardening time. I have had the
stuff set up in about 12 minutes in sunlight and prefer the slower time as
you can work it that way.

Another neat thing is that after you cap with this stuff water will bead up
on it so it runs off nicely.

Good luck and I hope you have success with whatever product you decide to

John, KA9OFM

On 8/14/06, Uncle Budd <unclebudd at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Lowe's or that other Big Box store has, in the Concrete isle, some patch
> material for just this type of repair. It is made to re-surface steps and
> porches and the like to prevent water from pooling and freezing.  There
> are
> very exact instructions on how to prepare the surface.  If you don't
> follow
> them, the patch will flake off in short order. Don't ask me how I know.
> Clint  -  W5CPT
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> >I tried to crown the pour of my tower bases properly but I didn't quite
> > do a good enough job.  One of them puddles some water around the legs.
> > What is the post pour fix for that?   Would a little plastic roof tar
> > around the legs work or will the puddles still cause trouble to the legs
> > below the surface?  Other ideas?
> >
> > tnx
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