[TowerTalk] Steam Pipe for Masting

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>  Howdy TTers .. I have available some 2?' sections of black  steam pipe, 
(OD? ID?)  --- Heavier than regular pipe ..  apparently bent at the ends, so 
'bout 17' good ..  Anybody know about  using such piping for masting?  I 
guess would be good for holding up  other pipes for dipole ends, but ... 
wondering if would work for yagi  stacks ???   Going to go have a peek 
tomorrow.  $25 each  seems reasonable..  

        Yes, the price  is reasonable but using it for antenna mast 
applications comes with  some warnings. Pipe is not rated for strength since it just 
carries liquids. I  think I saw that pipe yield strength is down somewhere 
around 30,000 psi - good  enough for a tribander close to the top of the tower or 
VHF/UHF arrays in  not so windy areas but not good for much else. Caveat emptor.
Steve     K7LXC

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