[TowerTalk] grouting

Michael J. Castellano km1r at comcast.net
Mon Aug 14 22:17:11 EDT 2006

Grouting under base flanges is used for:

1) prevention of water entry under tower base flanges.

2) keeping critters like wasps and hornets from building  a condo.

3) to a very small extent, prevention of nuts from loosening. The nuts should have to depend on grout fhor their integrity)

4) deterrent (not prevention) to someone loosening the  flange bolts.

5) aesthetics

6) satisfy the local building codes, laws.

grouting adds little if any load bearing capaqcity, and it is not meant to do so.

Non shrinkable grout is readily found in construction supply stores, or ask a local contractor where HE buys his.

In a pinch (and I mean in a pinch) you can use a good quality mortar mix. 

Did 5 years of construction before getting crazy and doing tower work!

stay safe and keep smiling

Mike KM1R
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