[TowerTalk] HT lines

Tue Aug 15 15:39:53 EDT 2006

I think people will believe anything! We had a small private Montessori
school with some high tension lines running above the property in our town.
The principal completely bought into the cancer story and frightened the
parents so badly that they moved out of the building and bought property
elsewhere. The property still sits empty after more than 10 years.

Remember Cold Fusion!

Bill W5VX


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>Brodeur tried to scare everyone into thinking that military radar stations
>would kill the plants and animals and turn our kids into  zombies.
>(Zapping of America)
>He never mentioned that he lived within a stones throw of Pave Paw Radar on
>Cape Cod... one of the most powerful military radars in the world at the
>Guess he didnt like his AT&T bill either!
>ya gotta love it!    zap !
>keep smiling, and of course 73!
>Mike KM1R

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