[TowerTalk] Water in Rotator

Larry WA9VRH wa9vrh at mtco.com
Tue Aug 15 20:55:43 EDT 2006

Hi Phil,

Well I think that Bob was a real dumb As (bunny) for letting his rotor 
or rotator fill up with water. I doubt that condensation would have 
been enough to fill up the upper bell. He lives in Illinois not the 
tropics.  I can condemn him because he is a good friend of mine!

However I will go light on you because I don't know you. I have before 
me an original Cornell-Dubilier Electronics manual. It is titled CDR 
ROTOR Service Manual.  The Ham-m is titled the same. Can't locate an 
Alliance manual right not but I bet they call them ROTORS also.
So please check you facts then call Bob a dumb bunny for leaving his 
"rotor" upside down.
73 Larry WA9VRH
Friend of Bob whose "rotor" is wet!

Bob caution there maybe an award at Peoria for you!


On Tuesday, August 15, 2006, at 09:25  AM, Phil Camera wrote:

> It's a rotator not a rotor; you have those under your distributor cap 
> in your car.
> "I don't know how the water got inside,"
> Most likely the water was condensation which occurs between night and 
> day and it accumulated in the housing.  There would have been no way 
> short of hermetically sealing the housing to prevent that.
> Phil  KB9CRY
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