[TowerTalk] Crankup Basics

JT Croteau jt.w6fo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 13:20:08 EDT 2006

On 8/16/06, Dino Darling <dino at k6rix.com> wrote:
> What the poster was implying is that aluminum
> is probably best served in other applications, whether
> you agree with him or not.

His reply was pointless to my question.

Heights has been building aluminum towers since 1959, I seriously
doubt there is anything wrong with a properly engineered tower
constructed out of aluminum.

To answer your questions, the tower I am restoring is a free-standing
55' with a wind load rating of 17 sq. ft. @ 90 MPH.  I plan on
installing a 2-ele Quad and a linear loaded 40M rotatable dipole.

However, none of this pertains to my initial question.  I have tower
experience using Rohn 25G so I know all the basic essentials involved,
what I don't have experience with is crankup towers.

I merely added basic info about my project to add further insight to
what I am doing.

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