[TowerTalk] Elevated vertical with no radials on metal roof

Bob Bogash bobby1 at rbogash.com
Wed Aug 16 20:08:03 EDT 2006

I have an interesting QTH, and am mulling over a new elevated HF 
vertical.  I have studied all the usual suspects on eHam etc and poured 
over the Champion report on vertical antenna performance.  
Unfortunately, it is now a little dated and Steve, K7LXC says no 
follow-on work has been done.  And, I have corresponded with a few of 
the manufacturers.

My QTH can be seen here:  http://www.rbogash.com/ham.html

I have a large expanse of saltwater extending 180 degrees in front of my 
house, pointing at all the good places, which would make a vertical 
really shine.  And, I have a large 24 gage steel roof, which I think 
would make a great ground plane, and, er, obviate the need for a tuned 
radial system.  I've already experimented a bit by putting a 20 meter 
Hamstick in a mag mount on my roof.  This antenna outperforms all my 
other 20m antennas on rx and tx by a wide margin, and it's not even 
tuned very well (more work ahead to fix that.).  I figured my house roof 
was way better than a car roof.  I've worked the world with this little 
baby, and figure if a little bit of antenna is good, then a BIG antenna 
is even better!

I'm looking mostly at 10-15-20m, altho 40 would be OK too.  My existing 
G5RV and Long-wire do fine for me on 40 and 75 now, so I'm not looking 
for a kick there at this time.

I've gotten emails from SteppIR and ZeroFive saying the metal roof would 
beat any radial system hands down.  Any comments on my roof antenna with 
no radials?  Should the antenna radial connection point be bonded to the 
roof?  And, does anyone have any  experience with the ZeroFive 
Multi-band 43 ft monster (tuner required.)?

Thanks in advance.

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