[TowerTalk] Anyone know any more about this? (Again)

kd4e kd4e at verizon.net
Thu Aug 17 00:47:58 EDT 2006

> ''Also, as for erecting the antenna, there are two plans.  One is to
> fly VLF antenna in space.  This could be a power problem.  But for
> ground-based systems, you probably already know that most major
> naval powers have big VLF transmitters dotted over the globe.  (Two
> of the US Navy transmitters radiate one megawatt).  While these are
> designed to keep the signals mostly under the ionosphere, it shows
> the possibility for building big powerful antenna''.

Actually, most of the old VLF systems have been
dismantled in favor of satellite-based comms.
Wish it were not so but we are hyper-dependent
on highly vulnerable satellites.

Perhaps they should build traditional backups
rather than some new boondoggle that is likely
to fail and will interfere with other comms.


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