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Thu Aug 17 18:52:19 EDT 2006

> Scotty
> I've been using the TB-3 bearings by Rohn for years and for what you want 
> to
> use it for, it would be perfect.

My system pretty much destroyed a TB-3 in about 5 years, but I over worked 
it to death.  I agree with Bill, the TB-3 should be fine for your use. I 
think even the lightly built Yaesu thrust bearing would work, but I'd prefer 
the TB-3.

One note, The TB-3 is built for heavy duty, work, and runs without lube, so 
don't expect to find the bearing silk smooth. It does what it was designed 
to do and does it well.

I would add that IF you have access to a lathe you can make your own using 
some Aluminum, Steel, or stainless along with a regular wheel bearing 
available from NAPA at just over $30. HOWEVER the top cover will need to 
keep the weather out and it will need plenty of grease to keep it from 
rusting.  These will support substantial weight and side thrust.

OTOH a oil soaked hard wood block of sufficent size also makes a very good 
thrust bearing if it doesn't need to support any weight..

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