[TowerTalk] cheap hams

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Fri Aug 18 14:11:04 EDT 2006

On 08/18/06 01:54 pm Jim Brown wrote:

>> Two words come to mind:
>> Resourceful
>> Thrifty
> Yes. And not all hams have spare cash laying around. For many, it is 
> a stretch to own one decent radio. The cost of a beam on a properly 
> engineered tower could put a child through a year at some colleges! 

So if you can't afford to put up a beam on a properly engineered tower, 
don't put put up a beam. Don't put up used rusty stuff using half as 
much concrete and a quarter as much rebar as the manufacturer recommends.

Maybe the "cheap" installation will stay up; maybe it won't. But if my 
tower falls down and injures or kills someone -- or even only does 
serious property damage -- I don't want to be the one in court trying to 
explain why I didn't do the job right.


Alan NV8A

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