[TowerTalk] flexible coax for portable installations

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 18 17:21:32 EDT 2006

At 10:12 AM 8/18/2006, JC Smith wrote:
>Hi Jim,
>If you find any of that stuff, please let us know.  From my experience, what
>you want doesn't exist.  For the same purpose I have settled on LMR-240U.
>It's a little better than RG-8X in the loss department, same size, about the
>same weight and flexibility, but it's not what I would call rugged.  Of
>course, I don't call any foam or air dielectric coax rugged.  It's pretty
>easy to crush.  I'm just trying to be careful with my LMR Ultraflex cables
>(I use both 240 and 400) and so far no problems.

I'm on the track of some low loss 75 ohm cable used in video 
production.  It's rugged (because they use it on location) and it's 
flexible (because they have to snake it into odd locations, etc.).  The 
question will be whether it has the power handling capability.

>Good luck, and let us know if you find a silver bullet.

I will.


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