[TowerTalk] Comtek 4sq box question

ON4IQ on4iq at telenet.be
Sun Aug 20 13:03:13 EDT 2006

I got a 2nd hand 4sq box (Comtek) a while ago and decided to put it on the networkanalyser.

The 4 antenne ports are terminated with 50Ohm suhner dummyloads, the load port goes to the network analyser and the xmtr port to the analyser aswell.

I inject a 3.5 to 4MHz signal into the comtek box and see on the load port (where your dummy load needs to go) a level -7.5dB down on the xmtr level.

This seems pretty high to me as I found in on4un's book notion of -21dB as a value for the dumped power when terminated in 50ohm.

Is there reason to suspect the seller sold me a bad unit?

73  Johan

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