[TowerTalk] Cheap hams

Merlin-7 KI4ILB merlin-7 at sc.rr.com
Sun Aug 20 14:22:53 EDT 2006

 The 40' tower I have now, granted it is modest in size, is built from recycled rhon 25-g. I repainted the sections (camo so it blends in quite well) and it has a 15' mast pole mounted on top for my 2 meter antennas.
 This tower is as good as anything bought brand new, no corrosion etc.
 I plan on taking it down adding a few sections  and moving it to NC. when I move in the next year or so.
 Used towers are a no brainier, most ,if not all of any damage is obvious.

 I paid $0 for my tower sections, donated by other hams and scavenged from old TV antenna towers. One section I had to cut off a 2' section that was damaged, so I ended up with a 8' section instead of a 10'.

 All in all, there is nothing wrong with recycled parts.


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