[TowerTalk] Used Phillystran Testing

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 21 11:02:18 EDT 2006

I got this supply from a ham that had a large antenna farm and decided to
dismantle everything and sell all.  I have 36 guys of 6700lb and 21 guys of
4000lb, various lengths up to about 300 feet.  I am still taking inventory
to determine actual lengths.  The 4000lb has potted ends.  If there is any
left over I will offer it for .10 per foot.

73, Keith NM5G

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Phillistran gets  its' strength from the fibers inside while the black
plastic sheath only protects those fibers.  If the sheath is not
compromised, the inside should be O.K. I would pay particular attention to
the ends where the grips are located and the ends where there should be a
cap glued on.  The cap was to prevent water wicking up into the fiber and
then freezing, spitting the sheath and exposing the fibers.

I am in the planning stages for a new tower and intend to use Phillistran
and have noticed that NOBODY sells used Phillistran on the swap boards.

Clint  --  W5CPT

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>I have some used Phillystran and want to use it again to put up a new 
> Is there any advice on inspecting and testing it?
> 73, Keith NM5G
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