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Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
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I am looking at page 55G-9, drawing C870496 R2, Guying details for 100'-200'
55G towers, 90MPH basic wind speed.  There is a table on this page that has
all of the info you are looking for.  For example, for 110 feet the rod
angle is 41.5, slope 12H by 10.6V.

73, Keith NM5G

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Hi. I'm putting up 110' of Rohn 55G and I'm getting ready to dig holes for
the GAC3455 anchors. 
The anchor installation drawings in the Rohn catalog don't give a specific
angle for the rod. It appears to be about 45 degrees, which would roughly
point it at the top guy point on my tower. Is it standard practice to aim
the anchor at the top guy point, or somewhere in the middle?
Also, the drawing shows the rod emerging from the ground several feet in
front of the block. Looks to me as if I'll have to cut a slit in the side of
the hole in order to lay the ground anchor at the proper angle. Is that the
standard procedure?
Finally, the drawing shows the equalizer plate just above grade. Is that the
standard placement, or is there any reason to give it more clearance?
My sense is that none of these things is critical, but I'd like to follow
best practices.
Thanks & 73,
Dick WC1M

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