[TowerTalk] HyGain BN style balun question.

Clint Talmadge unclebudd at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 22 15:54:59 EDT 2006

It thought the HyGain Balun is supposed to be a current balun, which to my understanding is just ferrite beads on coax.  If this were true, the balun would show no resistance from the center pin of the connector to one attachment point and infinite resistance to the other.

Not so....  No resistance from/to any of the 4 accessible points (two element attachment points, center pin of connector and outer shell of connector).

Has anyone ever had one of these apart and could explain the configuration ?

I need this information because in my use of the balun, it makes a difference which side is center conductor and which side is shield.

Clint - W5CPT

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