[TowerTalk] Cost of Tower & Installation

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Tue Aug 22 16:54:45 EDT 2006

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>      To date, that fantastic $3,000.00 deal  (after all, that was about 25 
on the dollar) has grown to an out of  pocket expense of $10,301.58.   I'm 
to cap it off at  something under $13,000.00 before it's all done.
    No kidding. I thought I was going to get good cheap  tower and antenna 
system up when I picked up a used BX tower in so-so shape for  $150.00 (this was 
in 1980). It was the first and last BX I'll ever refurbish -  another story.
    By the time I was on-the-air with the used cubical  quad, I was into it 
for almost $1200. So much for my inexpensive system! 
Steve     K7LXC

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