[TowerTalk] B & W Antenna

Roger D Johnson n1rj at adelphia.net
Thu Aug 24 08:36:07 EDT 2006

James P. Cassidy wrote:
> At the risk of being fatally flamed I want to add a couple cents worth to
> the B & W Antenna issue.  
> I had read the same info for many years about the ineffectiveness of the B
> & W antenna.  This past spring I operated at a station that uses one and
> was slightly amazed at the performance.  No, its not a world beater contest
> antenna but did work well enough in the CQ WPX SSB contest to work quite a
> few stations on 160,80 and 40m.  There was no other antennas for those
> bands to compare with but the main point is that it did radiate well enough
> for some QSOs. Of course in the contest situation there was no accurate
> signal reports and its very likely that the signal was below that of a
> conventional dipole.
> The bottom line was that the station was capable of making contacts.
> And before I catch too much flaming, the antenna is not at my station. 
> Only at a friends with somewhat limited space for wire antennas.
> 73 Jim KI7Y

The B&W antenna is known as a T2FD (tilted, terminated folded dipole).
There is a good write-up on W4RNL's site:


73, Roger

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