[TowerTalk] YAOBC ( Yet An OtherBird Chaser )

hermans on4kj at skynet.be
Thu Aug 24 08:53:04 EDT 2006

Hello All,

Move the birds, or move the OM and his antenna gear.........XYL's talk of
course !!

I choose to move the birds ( no one expected anything else, would they ? )

Not necessary to recall all I tried. Four long years now TT comes back on
the subject. The horse is still alive........
Last thing I tried seems t have some results. Simple but I am aware not
everybody everwhere could set-up this simple method. Without the risk to
start it all over, but this time to chase the neighboor...!!!!
I just bought a Yellow truck flashlight.
Mounted it horizontally at the hight of one meter at the foot of the tower.
70% of the starlings dont sit anymore. The other 30%, well I took the yellow
plastic of the flasher, now I have only 1 or 2% sporadically to stay up
there ( probably the oldest and the nearby blind...).
How to enhance the whole system, well up to you guys to imagine how. I am
thinking about a more powerfull light bulb, one or two mirrors at distance,
and why not a timer or a mouvement dedector.

For whats worth. Have fun with the birds and the XYL's. A feed back would be
appreciated anyway.

Jos on4kj os5n 

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> Looks great, but the hold up for me would be the 2 AA batteries. I 
> would not want to climb the tower to change the batteries; maybe 
> running a 3vdc line up there would work (hihi) Paul K2DB

Hack the solar panel, charging circuit, and rechargeable
AA cells out of a cheap plastic solar lawn light and tie
them into the owl.

Problem solved.


Thanks! & 73,
doc, KD4E
... somewhere in FL
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