[TowerTalk] . Re: 2006 Top Ten Chutzpah Awards - ENUF!

Bill w7vp at comcast.net
Thu Aug 24 10:12:41 EDT 2006

Since August 9 I have received 375 posts on this forum.  I stopped counting 
when I got past 100 that arguably did not relate to the theme of this 
reflector.  Use of inflammatory language with respect to anyone's posting, 
such as "who cares," "stupid," and "crap" is completely inappropriate and 
unprofessional whether related to the theme of the reflector or not.  A 
message suggesting that the posting is not appropriate could be couched in 
less demeaning language.  Since the latitude to the degree of relationship 
to the theme of the  reflector has been fairly relaxed it is those arrogate 
to themselves the authority to police it using invective who need to lighten 
up.  I would be glad to get a smaller number of postings that related only 
to towers.  But  it is not up to me to blast someone else simply because 
they fell out of a relatively undefined limit and, in the process, prompted 
some very cogent and thoughtful comments as happened with the "Top Ten 
Chutzpah" thread..

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> Thank you for quitting the aforementioned thread.  It's actually not a 
> thread
> - just some increasingly inane comments and insults  from people who 
> should
> know better. Enough already. We're all adults here.  Tnx.
>    OTOH feel free to carry on off the reflector!
> Cheers,
> Steve    K7LXC
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