[TowerTalk] Bolts in aluminum towers

Red RedHaines at centurytel.net
Thu Aug 24 10:48:56 EDT 2006

I observed similar degradation of bolts in a tower that stood in a 
metropolitan area for about 10 years. The center portion of the bolts 
was substantially reduced in diameter, though the sections supporting 
the tower legs was unaffected and the tower legs were unaffected.  
Failure would have followed separation of the bolts.  My conclusion, and 
I believe this is recommended by Universal, is that the bolts should be 
inspected every 5 years.

73 de WOØW

Don Havlicek wrote:

The electrolysis is internal to the tower legs.
If you remove a tower bolt, you will find it is no longer cylindrical in 
shape, but may even look 'coke-bottle' shaped from degredation.
On my Universal towers, I coat the bolts with silicone seal before 
assembly/insertion in the tower legs to minimize damage.

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