[TowerTalk] Inverted L questions

Al Williams alwilliams at olywa.net
Fri Aug 25 11:07:17 EDT 2006

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> Use a  continuous loop of UV resistant rope through the pulley. With a 
> pulley
> at  ground level you can use the loop splice point to attach your L or
> whatever  you choose,

While conceptual a neat method, it doesn't work--at least for me.

One reason is that it is difficult or impossible to get the antenna 
connection to clear the limbs on its way to the top.  A second reason is 
that if the rope lope is not really taught when installed, the rope loop 
will twist and cannot hoist the antenna connection.  Instead I cut the rope 
extra long so that the two ends are far apart when raising the antenna and 
also so that the antenna and its connection can be brought way out to clear 
the tree limbs while be raised. My trees are 100/120' fir with plenty of 
limbs to obstruct raising the antenna.

Also there has been some discussion of whether the antenna wire being close 
to the tree will transfer some of the signal into the tree trunk if it is 
close to the tree.  I put a closed metal ring (about 2" available at 
hardware/boat stores) in series with the rope loop and then run the antenna 
wire through the metal ring and hoist the ring (antenna wire) up to the top. 
In this way the vertical part of the antenna can be put at some distance 
from the tree trunk.  Instead of connecting the two ends of the rope loop I 
tie the ground end to something on the bottom ground level and coil the 
excess rope up.


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