[TowerTalk] noise canceling

Thomas Tow ttow1 at charter.net
Sat Aug 26 01:33:16 EDT 2006

Rich, the MFJ 1026 works really well if it is set up correctly. Since most
of the noise is vertical you must have a REALLY good vertical noise antenna
that will produce a signal to the 1026 at least equal or preferably greater
to the local noise. It will cancel it out a lot. I believe ON4UN mentions
one of these in one of his books and I have had two of them. It does take
some adjustments and getting used to...but it will work very well if you do
not skimp on the receive noise antenna. I would try a butternut, cushcraft
or other similar vertical. Don't bother with the little antenna that comes
with the 1026...trash it... HI.  Another unit I had at another QTH that
worked ok was the ANC 4. It works with the same theory with less
adjustments...again, all dependent on the receive signal to it.   
Hope that helps some. 73, Tommy WD4K  

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