[TowerTalk] How is the best way to bend rebar

Michael Baker k7ddmjb at qwest.net
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Hi Scotty,
	Save yourself a lot of trouble and risk of injury and take the
diagram of your rebar cage to a construction yard that does rebar bending or
a construction steel company that does the same and have them do it.  When I
showed a local company my diagram of my HyGain 52 ft and 37' tower they
quoted me the "company minimum charge" including delivery to my house.  Cost
about $100 for both cages assembled and ready to go into the ground.  Tough
to beat at that price.

YMMV    ;>)

Michael Baker  K7DD
k7ddmjb at qwest.net

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Hi Gang,
Just finished making one rebar cage and have more to do.  Bending  # 4 (half
inch diameter) rebar is not so easy.  Can I use a torch to heat up the rebar
so that I can easily bend it or does this cause a problem to the rebar
strength or make it too brittle?
Thanks for any and all help.
73 de W7SW Scotty  W7SWatARRLdotNET


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