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Can ducks make verticle turns?
True virgins make dull company.

Some things we never forget.

Gil, W1RG
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Pilots remember it this way:   east is least (subtract the
Mag declination) and west is best (add).   Just a quick way
to remember.

    Gene K1NR

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> Ted,
> It might be worth adding that your example will be the
> opposite for folks on
> the east coast with a minus declination. If the
> instructions are followed in
> the link below, it will be possible to know your
> declination, if any by
> entering your zip code.
> http://www.thecompassstore.com/decvar.html#
> Mike k6BR
> Bob and Team
> Here at my location in California the magnetic
> declination is approx 17
> degrees. I simply point or adjust my rotor controller to
> indicate 17 degrees
> and adjust the antenna(s) to point *Magnetic North* using
> a military
> compass. It seems to work just fine every time for every
> antenna and rotor
> combination. When I rotate my antenna to point true north
> according to the
> rotor controller indicator it then points to true north.
> Thereafter my
> rotor/controller/antenna ensemble pretty accurately
> points where I want them
> to point. Simple but it works...and works well. Try
> it...great for Field Day
> operations and mountain top VHF contests too....!  :-)
> GL and 73, Ted, K6XN
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> HEY!!! Did I hear someone asking how to determine "True
> North"?!?!?!?!?  It
> was kinda hard to hear over the S-9 Hoot Owl thread and
> +20 dB generator
> noise right now... :-)
> As everyone knows, there's been enough threads regarding
> finding "True
> North" to weave a fine pair of socks... But that aside,
> you can use Goggle
> Earth to determine "that direction" using their tool to
> zoom into any
> location in question. The map defaults to N/S
> orientation.
> I verified my antenna alignment by picking a known object
> a half mile away
> from my tower. In my case it happens to be the east side
> of a church down
> the road. Not all areas on earth have been mapped with
> high resolution yet,
> so this technique might not work for everyone.
> Credit goes to my late father who taught me this "lining
> up" technique when
> we were fishing on Mille Lacs Lake (about 27 miles
> across) locating specific
> fishing spots. This in the 1950's, way before GPS.
> 73 de Bob - K0RC in MN
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> http://www.thecompassstore.com/decvar.html#
> Try the above link to work out your Declination, there is
> a link on the
> site to a calculator.  I doubt you would be as much as 30
> degrees off
> true north, I am 18 degrees here by SFO.
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