[TowerTalk] How is the best way to bend rebar

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When I arrived in the Miami area in 1967, the Agonic (0 degrees
variation/declination) line passed right over us.  Now, we're almost 6
degrees East...

The only thing that doesn't change is...   ....Change.

Gil, W1RG

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>>I'm  having a bunch of concrete work done for landscaping, and after
>>watching  the guys bending and cutting rebar to go around curves and such,
>>I'm never  bending rebar by hand or cutting it with a hacksaw  again.
>>Cutting rebar is a piece of cake using a 7 inch grinding blade in a 
>>saw.  It takes about 15 seconds to reach about 2/3  through  and then just
>>snap it at the cut.  I've done dozens of these and it's a  sure fire way
>>to go
>>for the average guy working with rebar.
> The nifty bender/cutter does it in literally a second.  It's like a
> specialized bolt cutter with a lot of leverage. And, doesn't require AC
> power, or picking up another tool (or, as happened on a job I was doing a
> few years back, dropping the angle grinder in the mud)...
> However, if you're doing the bending by hand (or with a conduit
> bender/piece of pipe), the abrasive cutter is pretty fast.
> I guess the overall point is that nobody needs to struggle with rebar
> unless they really want to.  There's lots of ways to bend and cut it. (Now
> that I'm not in my foolish 20s and have an income to pay for it, I
> particularly like the option of "let someone else do it")
> Jim
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