[TowerTalk] And now for something completely different (TrueNorth)

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> Each time zone is 15 degrees wide [15 zones x24 hours =360 degrees]

Theoretically 15 degrees wide.  I think you will be able to find some times 
zones that are over 20 degrees at their widest points.  The Eastern time 
zone in the US is a good example.  It runs from *about* 66 degrees in Main 
to over 86 in western lower Michigan.  "I think" the upper Peninsula is also 
eastern all the way to the West end. If it is all the way to the west end 
then it's 90W for a width of 24 degrees.  OTOH the boundaries are not any 
where near straight.

At any rate whether the figures are correct or not time zone widths do vary 

> If some one lives at the 'edge' of one of those time zones, they can be
> 7.5 [or more] degrees off the time zone meridian.  Therefore, at Noon

As you emphasized the [or more] the meridian may not be centered.
For instance the meridian for Eastern Time *should* be 75 degrees (a 
multiple of 15 degrees or one hour), but 75 degrees is very close to 
philadelphia with the western edge of lower Michigan being 86 degrees or 21 
degrees west of the meridian.  It'd be over an hour off for the sun being 
due south at noon. OTOH any one know what time zone Tennessee is in?

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2

> local time, they will NOT have the sun directly South/North [depending
> on location relative to the Equator].  Only those who live EXACTLY on
> the time zone meridian will!
> The sun doesn't shift in 15 degree increments .. at least it doesn't do
> that here!
> Don
> N8DE
> Mike Murphy wrote:
>> Don,
>> What causes the error for one not living exactly on the time zone 
>> meridian?
>> 73,
>> Mike, WA4BPJ
>> www.wa4bpj.com
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>> -------------------------------------
>> Here we go again.
>> This method only works for those who live exactly on the time zone 
>> meridian.
>> Don
>> N8DE
>> J A Ritter wrote:
>>>Two sticks, one vertical, the other horizontal placed along the path
>>>of the shadow at high noon will show True North...
>>>Jack W0UCE
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