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> So there was a lot of attention to fields and health. And a lot of news
> stories. And a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon to survey your house
> or business for fields, for a nominal fee, etc.
> Subsequent to all this (in the last 10-15 years) there have a been a
> variety of very well done studies, where they actually measured the
> electric fields, and controlled for previous health history, occupation,
> etc.  The result of all this is that all the studies have found is that
> there is no statistically significant increase in cancer due to living
> under a power line, at least from the electric fields.  Sure, there are
> increases, sometimes (but there are also decreases.. they don't get on the
> news), but they can be attributed to things like income, environmental
> contaminants, and the like.

I just took an RF safety training class at work where the instructor
showed us a summary of about a dozen or so epidemiological studies
on EM exposure which showed essentially the same thing. Some
studies showed a slight increase in health risk and some showed a
slight decrease with the mean effect being no impact either for better
or for worse. He contrasted this with smoking where the correlation
ratio after numerous studies has been shown to be ~ +30 (e.g. smokers
~30 times more likely to develop lung cancer than the non-smoking
control groups). Stop smoking, exercise, improve diet, reduced
stress, stop driving your car, and then if you still want something to
worry about move out from under those high tension lines.

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