[TowerTalk] HELP, Steve? Anyone? Comcast bouncing TT messages

JC Smith jc-smith at comcast.net
Mon Aug 28 15:40:33 EDT 2006

Thanks, but the spam filter at Comcast (if that's even the problem) is not
one I have control over.  I don't use any of the user-selectable Comcast
spam filters, and I've turned off my local ones too (or I loose too much
"good" stuff).

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Turn off the Comcast Spam filter and use a Spam filter on your favorite
email program.


Sorry about this guys.  I'm not sure who needs to address this...
someone at contesting.com.  It's happened before, and it happens (I
to all Comcast customers.  The messages we send out get to the
reflector, no
problem, but everything coming the other way gets blocked.  No problems
other e-mail, just stuff coming from TT (and possibly other
reflectors... don't know about that, TT is the only one I subscribe to).
may be getting hit by an overly zealous spam filter (just a guess)?

If anyone can figure this out I'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks & 73 - JC, K0HPS


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