[TowerTalk] HELP, Steve? Anyone? Comcast bouncing TT messages

JC Smith jc-smith at comcast.net
Mon Aug 28 15:41:33 EDT 2006

I use Outlook, and I use the rules extensively.  I’ve already created a
separate inboxes for TT and other senders.  The problem is not local; it’s
at the server, before it ever gets to me.

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You didn't mention what e-mail program you use, but if it's Outlook or
Outlook Express, you can create a Rule to have all messages with Tower Talk
in the subject line moved to your Inbox.  Click on Tools, Message Rules.
The rest is self-explanatory.  I would guess that many other e-mail programs
have the same feature.  Rules can be used for a variety of purposes, like
moving all messages with "Joe Jones" in the From line to your deleted
folder.  Sorry if you're reading this Joe. :)  You'll get the idea as you go
through it.

73, Bob W7BJ

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