[TowerTalk] Mike K6BR

Merlin-7 KI4ILB merlin-7 at sc.rr.com
Mon Aug 28 18:46:21 EDT 2006

 Yes, I do look forward to it. I just want to make sure it is all done just right...
 I guess I could also put up my rhon 25, 40 foot tower that I have now...

 That adds a whole new set of questions, how far should I put it from the 45? coax runs, line loss, what antennas where. Where to run my wire antennas. RF/ lightning ground systems. new coax, lmr 400 or 600 (600 is painfull for the check book) ladder line or not. My solar system...

 WoW this is gona be fun, untill I run outa money..lol


Joe, I did go into withdrawal, I had a calendar and I marked off each day:)
The good thing was that it gave me some time to think about the
installation, which paid off actually.  Once you have it leveled, wait about
6 months for possible settling, re-check the level and then grout under the
tower base to keep out water and bugs, I just used a fine mortar mix and it
has never cracked in 15 years.

Good Luck, I envy you it is such good fun putting in a new tower:)

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