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 OK it looks like it will be 4 weeks, I will not be happy but I do take the
advise of people that know a lot more about this subject than I do. ( thats
why I ask)

 Thanks everyone
 73s Joe

 PS many more questions to follow. please be kind...

> The compressive strength of concrete is always based on 28 days of curing
> time.  If you specify 3500 PSI concrete, it will take 28 days of curing to
> reach that strength.  After 28 days, it will continue to get stronger.
> After 7 days of curing it will only have reached about 60% of its 28 day
> strength.  If you were to install your tower before the 28 days has
> it is possible that the concrete could be weakened by the premature
> that the tower puts on it.  This may or may not be visible by inspection.
> Do what the manufacturer says.  Let the concrete cure for 28 days minimum,
> and be sure to keep it wet during the curing process.  Cover it with
> or black plastic and don't let the surface dry out.  In spite of all
> anecdotal evidence to the contrary, play it safe and do it right.  It's
> 4 weeks.
> 73,
> Clay  W7CE
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